Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bears Cake

So, as usual, my work had a luncheon. I hadn't made a cake in awhile and it happened to be 2 days before the big Bears Vs. Packers game. So being the good Chicagoan I am I made a Bears cake. Did it real fast like since no one is paying me :)

I tried a new recipes on this one caled "White" Velvet. It basically had White chocolate pudding mix, white chocolate mocha coffee creamer and white chocolate chips in it.
The symbol was made with fondant and I was unhappy with the shade of colors I got so I painted them with food coloring.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spiderman, Spiderman

This cake was made for my mom's friends grandson Ethan. The little guy loves Spiderman so this was quite appropriate :)

The straight lines are fondant and web parts are royal icing.
The fondant work on this cake was the best I have done so far I believe. A little patience pays off. I don't usually have much but I did for the fondant part of this cake :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hadn't made a cake in awhile and I was really itching to so I decided to make one for when I went to visit my family in Oshkosh.

I posted picture of it on Facebook when I was done and my cousins saw it. When I pulled up to the house my cousins daughter, Grace, was peeking out the window, checking to see if I had the cake. I was greeted at the doors by my cousins being all excited because the cake actually cake with me. They werent sure if I was bringing it with me or if I had made it for a different occasion.

It was a big hit, even baby Stella loved it!

Grace loved eating the fondant pieces, apparently she is a sugar addict like me!

There was a lot left over but Grace and her brother Sam were more than happy to take a bunch home with them!
This was the first cake I took pictures of with my new camera. I am still terrible at taking pictures but they seem a little better than they did with the camera I bought in college. :)