Friday, October 14, 2011

Frog and Turtle Baby Shower Cake

This is the baby shower cake that my mom's neighbor had me make for her granddaughter's shower. She told my mom what kind of cake they wanted, Almond with raspberry filling and vanilla icing. I had to work hard to get a theme out of her. She finally told us that the baby room was turtles, frogs and dragonflies so I went with that. 
The cake is a 10 inch round iced with lavender butter cream. I made all the decorations out of fondant. I am not really sure it looks specifically like a baby shower cake but I think it is cute :)

1st Diaper Cake

So my mom's neighbor Joan asked if I could make a baby shower cake for her grand daughter. Of course I would! I got an invite to the shower as well and decided I wanted to make a diaper cake as her present to kind of match the actual cake. I have been wanting to make a diaper cake for a long time so I was happy I found an opportunity.
 The theme that I was given was frogs, turtles and dragonflies. So I found some baby stuff that went with that theme and found some other things at Hobby Lobby to decorate with cake with.
Let me tell you, diaper cakes are a breeze. After making real cake this last year and a half, diaper cake are so simple. It took me maybe 2 hours to make it. It looks alright. I wanted to do more but I couldn't find anything else I liked and it was getting too expensive so I think this will be the final product :)

1st Wedding Cake

My cousin Tina has been asking me since Christmas if I would make her wedding cake for September 17th of this year. So I said yes. Her wedding was Royal blue and silver with stars so the cake ended up being Royal Blue with silver stars.

The cake was 3 tiers to feed 150 people. Oh man, was there a lot left over! I learned that if there are 150 people that doesn't mean that they will all eat cake. 
 The top and bottom tiers were white and the middle was chocolate. It was iced with vanilla butter cream and covered in blue fondant.

I made the cake stand for the cake specifically. I took 8 glass blocks and covered the unfinished side with blue and silver ribbon to match the cake. I then put Christmas lights inside to light it up nicely. I thought it looked really good and made the cake look more grand.
 I get to make my aunt's weding cake for next moth, that should be a lot of fun!

Dinosaur Groom's Cake

My very good friend Kelly asked me to make her bff a groom's cake
to surprise her soon to be hubby. She wanted to cake to be a dinosaur
wearing Bears football gear. So that is what I did.

The cake was over a foot tall. The body was all cake 
and the head/tail/knees were rice krispy treats.
The bride and groom loved it! Yippy!
I think he is my favorite cake so far. He is just too cute!
 The number 28 is his favorite number and Kustra is his last name.