Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hadn't made a cake in awhile and I was really itching to so I decided to make one for when I went to visit my family in Oshkosh.

I posted picture of it on Facebook when I was done and my cousins saw it. When I pulled up to the house my cousins daughter, Grace, was peeking out the window, checking to see if I had the cake. I was greeted at the doors by my cousins being all excited because the cake actually cake with me. They werent sure if I was bringing it with me or if I had made it for a different occasion.

It was a big hit, even baby Stella loved it!

Grace loved eating the fondant pieces, apparently she is a sugar addict like me!

There was a lot left over but Grace and her brother Sam were more than happy to take a bunch home with them!
This was the first cake I took pictures of with my new camera. I am still terrible at taking pictures but they seem a little better than they did with the camera I bought in college. :)

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