Monday, November 29, 2010

Kelsey's 14th Birthday Cake!

My cousin Kelsey was born on Thanksgiving 14 years ago. It was November 28th and I was 10. We were at my aunt Wendy and uncle Dave's house. Kelsey's family was not there of course because they were at the hospital awaiting her arrival. Kelsey requested that I make her a cake for her birthday and bring it to her on Thanksgiving.

I wanted to do a funky cake since 14 year olds are pretty easy to please and I have yet to do a real funky cake. Admittedly I got lazy with this cake. I carved it and it looked like an upside down pyramid. It may not look like it in these pictures but it has really steep sides. I had forgotten how to make nice looking bows so I had to watch my old trusty Youtube videos. It was a pretty fun cake before it cracked down the middle after the 2 hour car drive :(

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Playstation 3 Cake

The crowning moment of my cake career thus far? Will I be able to carve a cake to look like a Playstation 3? I guess I can! After several nerve wrecking weeks leading up to the cake's deadline, I finished the cake early! The whole playstation is made of cake and the controller is made of Rice Krispie Treats covered in fondant. My scuplting needs more work but my carving is coming along nicely I think. Joe helped me out by painting the words Playstation 3 for me. I was too scared of messing it up. Overall it was a lot less scary than I anticipated :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Seeing Double?

About a month ago I went to my mom's for the hometown festival. While we were there we ran into her good friend. Of course my mom had to rave about my cakes. I had to get my phone out and show her them. She saw the one from Chloe's Birthday and asked if I could make it for her daughter's 16th birthday. Of course I can!
Here is the pretty little lady. She turned out better than the first time proving that practice does make perfect! I wish I would have redone the bow but oh well. I will next time. My boyfriend Joe even helped me out with all those polka dots! This was my first time using the letter cutter outer thingies. They were annoying at first but I got the hang of it now?

Zebra Striped Purse Cake

In preperation for the PS3 cake I knew was coming I wanted to carve a cake. My mom and my aunt's birthdays are on the same day and we were having a little get together. I decided I would make them a purse cake since both of them love purses and shopping. The zebra stripes on the purse are painted on and the ones on the board are fondant. I think I am digging the painted stripes a lot more!