Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Silpat!

So for Valentine's Day, Joseph got me a new Silpat. A Silpat is a silcone mat that you can roll fondant out on. They are lovely since they are easy to clean, non stick but they are expensive. I have another Silpat, I bought it myself when I started making cake and I ruined it probably about 2 months later.

Apparently Silpats are not exacto blade safe? Who knew? I was making my friend Ben a cake, the Horde symbol cake. I printing the Horde symbol off and traced it onto fondant to make the symbol accurate. Well then I used an exacto blade to cut out the image...... Yeah it cut through my mat and so now it has a permants Horde symbol cut through it. It is still usable but if I were to use it to roll out fondant to cover a whole cake it is very likely the symbol would make an apperance on it. But now I have a new one! I will not use an exacto blade on this one, I promise!