Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hannah and Isabella's First Birthday

February 5th was  a special day for two little ladies I know. Joe's nieces turned 1! Happy Birthday Hannah and Isabella!! I had the honor of making their cake and both of their smash cakes.
So here are the cakes. I found this design on Flickr and absolutely loved it for these little ladies. I added the butterflies since their theme was butterflies and flowers.

 Hannah is on the left and Isabella is on the right, that is their daddy in the middle. We had turned the lights out and were singing them happy birthday and this is the scared/surprised look on their faces.
 Their special cakes were healthy blueberry banana with oats and whole wheat. They were pretty tasty.

 Hannah ended up with cake all over. She was throwing it in the air and getting it all over her and her hair.
This is Isabella examining her cake before it was destroyed.

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