Monday, August 15, 2011

Practicing at home

The Wilton Class 1 book told me to practice at home so I did. I had left over store bought cookies that I wasn't going to eat and jar of canned frosting that I wouldnt feed to anyone so I decided to spend Saturday practicing. I prepared my colors and piping bags for the big event. I watered down the frosting to make it easier to pipe. Wow, what a big difference. My hand wasn't shaking and it didnt take me 15 minutes to make 3 cookies. I think I did all these in 20 minutes.
 Just Kidding!  No J and K are for Joe and my initials.
I am now preparing for class on Wednesday. The Wilton "butter"cream is made/colored/ and ready to go. I need to make my cakes tonight and try out the new gadgets I got!!!

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