Friday, August 26, 2011

Wilton Cake Class: Lesson 3

This week in class we worked on making cupcakes pretty. We started off by learning different piping techniques. We made a few different type of flowers, I personally liked the drop flower t he best. We then learned how to make rosettes and shells. Mine came out decently well. My hand is shakey so iti is not as good as it could be but pretty nice for me.

 This is the rosette cupcake I decorated. I had oreo cream cheese frosting underneath so that is what is popping out the bottom.
Next we made fancy flowers. We started with the pom pom flowers which involved a star tip. It cake out cute! We practiced icing the cupcakes. I didn't bring a filling with since my cupcakes were barely an inch tall ( new recipe). Everyone else filled their cupcakes while we watched how to make a shaggy mum flower. The shaggy mum by far is my favorite. It is cute and super fun to make!
This guy is the shaggy mum.
This is the variety I made. They are pretty um unpolished?

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