Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wilton Cake Class: Lesson 2

This week in my basic cake design class we learned how to do transfers. We used piping gel to trace a basic design( I chose the fish) and we laid it down on our frosted cake. My cake was a White Almond Sour Cream Cake (WASC) with vanilla butter cream and strawberry filling. We torted our cakes, I used the Wilton leveler that I had just bought. It worked pretty well for 3 bucks. We then piped a dam around the middle of the cake. I filled mine with strawberries and places the top on. We used the big piping bag with the cake icer tip and iced the sides of the cake. This part I am used to since I have been making cake for awhile so it went fairly fast. After the cakes was iced I waited for everyone else to finish. They weren't as speedy.

We let the cakes sit for awhile while we learned some new techniques. After that we traced our images with our piping gel and transferred the pictures to the cakes. It was fairly easy to do and turned out nicely. I had brought pre colored butter cream to class so I just had to trace my fish with different colors. I got done really fast and the lady that sits next to be told me I could go work in a bakery tomorrow. Haha, probably not going to happen.

I forgot the cake carrier at home so I had to transport my fishy cake home on its cake board. Everyone at work loved the cake!

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